House for Rent -# 2211

₹10000 ₹10000

1-bedroom to 5-bedroom houses available for rent, For more detail WhatsApp / Call 98955 77500.


||| How It All Began:-FeastOn Corporation is a top real estate service provider, offering strategic services to its clients, in Kerala, India. The company provides services in industrial, commercial, residential, plot, and land acquisition propelled by an energetic and expert team of people. We cater to investors, owners, tenants, developers, etc.|At FeastOn Corporation knowing your needs and offering the best suitable property is our sole objective. We never breach the trust our clients have put in us, and we maintain confidentiality till the deal is cracked.|||We don't strive to be big we want to be the best.|||The relationship is what we call business, we always have a strong bond with our clients which creates a great synergy in the company-client relationship. We strongly believe in growing with our clients, it is with them we will carve a path of stupendous success of Capital.|Feast On is committed to providing its employees, stakeholders, customers, and community with a safe value-added service. Feast On conducts business in an environmentally responsible manner and is committed to safeguarding the environment. | FeastOn Corporation | For all your commercial real estate needs. Whether a landowner or a future landowner, the Land Services Group will connect you to the right purchasers or sellers to make the most out of your real estate, we can help you evaluate, strategize, and plan for residential, industrial, or commercial development land. |Assemble, sever, infill, or redevelop rural, suburban, and urban land parcels. |Buy or sell development land. |Maximize the value of your real estate assets by optimizing land use. |Developers are helping developers. |We have over 30 years of consultancy experience in this area of business and we strive to achieve the following: develop, empower, enable and maintain. |We understand that land development comes with challenges and promising rewards. Let an experienced LSG Partner guide you through the former to achieve the latter. |Core Values & CultureWe believe in performing our work with honesty and integrity. |Maintaining the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. |Providing our clients with prompt personalized service. |Maintaining a high level of communication. |Providing the best possible advice and recommendations. |Promoting the reputation of our clients. |Being a highly valued team member. |Maintaining a high level of accuracy. |Meeting corporate objectives on time. |Being efficient and cost-sensitive. |Utilizing new technologies for the betterment of our services. |Performing our work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. ||| Company History & Facts |||FeastOn Corporation was:-Founded by Joseph Lonan Pattuparambil. |Incorporated in Kochi, Kerala in 1991|Commenced operations in Kalamassery, Eranakulam in February of 1992 |Relocated to Edappally,kochi 1996. |

In RENTAL/LEASE/LEAVE & LICENSE of a Property A) where we act on behalf of both the Leaser and Lessee/Tenant, commission at the rate of a) Half a month’s rental shall be paid by each party if the agreement is for 3 years or less b) 1 Months' rental will be paid by each party if the agreement is beyond 3 years B) where we act on behalf of either the Leaser or the Lessee/tenant, commission at the rate of a) 1 month’s rental shall be paid if the Lease agreement is for 3 Years or less b) 2 Month’s rentals will be paid if the Lease agreement is beyond 3 Years C) Any Renewal of the Rental Agreement a) Half a month’s rental shall be paid by each party if the agreement is for 3 years or less b) 1 Month’s rentals will be paid if the Lease agreement is beyond 3 Years Terms & Conditions of Payment The Brokerage or commission fees have to be paid to us at the time of execution of the Deed of Transfer or Agreement for the sale or Completion of the transaction or Possession of the said property, whichever is earlier Please Note In case of cancellation of the deal, the party whom we represent shall be entitled to pay Commission or Brokerage fees to Spectraa Real Estate Advisory Fees paid in the form of Brokerage, Commission, Services Charges, or under any other name, shall not be refunded under any circumstances. Government Taxes Taxes are additional to the brokerage amount. 18% GST applicable on the services of a Real Estate Broker – brokerage commission. It is the same for residential properties, commercial and industrial properties.